EU Law after the Lisbon Treaty

About: The only Hebrew textbook on EU law essentials written after the conclusion of Lisbon Treaty (2009). The book suggests thorough explanations on the structure and functioning of the EU, as well as comprehensive analysis of the main doctrines underlying this legal system.

Year: 2012

Language: hebrew

Legal Guide to GATS

About: A comprehensive textbook of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), the WTO agreement encompassing the rules for global trade in services. 

This academically rigorous yet highly accessible book guides the reader through an ocean of literature and interpretative possibilities embodied in GATS. In doing so, it provides a road map of the various interpretative possibilities and dilemmas posed by the treaty.

Year: 2010

Language: English

International Trade Essentials

About: A unique Hebrew textbook on public international trade law, explaining WTO structure, functioning and disciplines as well as the legal principles of regional trade agreements.

Year: 2007

Language: Hebrew

The EU & Israel

About: This book sums up the state of the play in EU-Israel's relationship. It depicts a road map of the parties' interests, examines different formulas for enhancing their alliance and analyzes their respective feasibility. 

Year: 2003

Language: Hebrew

Taxation and Israel's FTAs

About: This book describes Israeli deviations from its commitments in regional trade agreements to which it is a party, to abstain trade barriers based on import taxation and internal taxation. It analyzes the legal implications of these deviations.

Year: 1995

Language: Hebrew

Israel at the OECD (Co-editor)

About: Written shortly after Israel joined the OECD (2010), this book describes the legal and administrative efforts Israel took to adapt different aspects of its domestic law to OECD law, e.g. taxation, education, trade, the environment etc.

Year: 2010

Language: Hebrew