'Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel'

-Augustus Hare

Prof. Nellie Munin

פרופסור נלי מונין - הרצאות מחקרים וייעוץ

בנושאי חוקי הסחר הבין לאומי

Official Site of a Researcher, Consultant & Lecturer

in the field of International Trade Law



I am an international trade law expert, working as a private consultant and lecturing in this field since 2004. My professional understanding combines institutional, diplomatic, academic and business insights, gained throughout my career.



Legal consulting on EU law, international trade law and the links between them and national law. Consulting may refer to legislation, interpretation, negotiations and dispute settlement.


Academic and professional advising and leading of professional seminars, combining institutional, diplomatic, academic and business aspects of law and conduct.

Academic Teaching

Highly experienced academic teaching in Hebrew and in English, including the teaching of multi-cultural classes. Unique pedagogic approach, encouraging inter-active participation of students in the learning process.

Academic Courses in Israel:​​

  • The politics behind Israeli Economic legislation

  • Israel: Political Economy and International Trade

  • EU law

  • Public international trade law

  • Contract law

  • Tax law

  • Intellectual Property rights

  • Israeli law – introduction (business management)

  • Israeli business law – introduction (business management) 
  • Business negotiations

International Courses:

  • International Taxation

  • Financial deficit or democratic deficit? (EU financial & political crisis)

  • Israel in international trade

Taught in:



The Israeli Economy

The lecture will present Israel's dilemmas and assess to what extent its policy choices serve its interests in a global world.

EU - Israel

The lecture analyzes the love-hate relations between Israel and the EU, trying to assess their future prospect.

Tax Dilemmas

This lecture will present tax dilemmas in a global world, trying to figure out whether they reflect 'cops and robbers' situations or a more sophisticated reality?

Refugees in Europe

The Refugees Crisis in Europe: Between Humanitarian Considerations and Nationalism

Drugs & Trade

The Golden Triangle: Drugs, Trade and International Politics, ethical, economic and political dilemmas underlying international economy and politics.

EU - Kibbutz

Collectivism v. Individualism: can the EU learn a lesson from the challenges encountered throughout the development of the israeli Kibbutz?

Trump's Trade Policy

Does protectionist trade policy pay-off? what are the implications of Donald Trump's new trade policy, for the US economy, and for the rest of the world?

Alexander Hamilton

Economics, politics and passion: the rise and fall of Alexander Hamilton.

Slaves of the Future

Slavery, Chocolate and Robots: International Brands' Ethical Dilemmas in a Modern World

The Brexit

Will the EU survive current challenges such as terror, Islamic threats, huge waves of immigration, an ongoing financial crisis, a political crisis?

Women Work

Can the global working potential of women be optimally utilized, to enhance global growth? What are the obstacles to achieve this goal?

International Law

How do public international law agreements, concluded among States, affect our daily life? Is it democratic?

Financial Crisis

Does the ongoing financial crisis in the EU mark the end of the Euro? Can this alliance survive it? How?

The EU and The occupied territories

Is EU policy towards Israeli ventures in the Occupied Territories constructive or destructive? Is it legal?

International Trade

International trade law on a crossroad: Current dilemmas and possible solutions